Honestly, we have to admit that complications happen to all of us. Experience helps us reduce complication rates, but not completely eliminate them. Some complications can occur for the first time even after many years of work, just think of the times we thought: “Such a thing never happened to me!”

Probably the best coping strategy is being aware that a given complication can happen and especially how it can happen. We decided to organize this meeting to share our experience and increase our chances of predicting a complication, even one that never occurred in our professional  experience.

The are no keynote lectures because each one of us can become a lecturer if they are able to teach the others how to solve a problem.

You are all invited to present a complication occurred to you and encourage debate on possible coping strategies, offering your personal solutions and explaining the final outcome of your case, whether it was positive or negative.

Pedro Berjano              
Stefano Boriani            
Alessandro Gasbarrini         
Claudio Lamartina