Scientific Information

Aim of the meeting

Target Audience

Official Language
The official language of the meeting is English without simultaneous translation.
We kindly ask to all speakers to prepare the slides in English.

Rules for Speakers/Teachers/Tutors
First of all it’s mandatory to signed COI declaration.

The speech will be subject to accreditation CME, therefore, we request compliance with the following rules:

• the teaching activity must be objective, balanced and not influenced by direct interests or indirect interests of stakeholders with commercial interest;

• the supervisor/teacher must not include in the activity teaching advertising of any kind for specific products of medical interest, must indicate only generic names of drugs, instruments, principals and not the trade name, even if related to the subject matter;

• the supervisor/teacher must not project images covered by copyright, identifying images of drugs or equipment and images that can violate patient privacy.

Audiovisual equipment
PC Projection (only PPT file on CD or on a memory stick, USB port or DVD) will be provided. Speakers are kindly requested to contact the Slide Center, placed inside the meeting hall, at least one hour before the presentation in order to test all the audiovisual material.
The presentation will be forwarded through Local Area Network (LAN) directly to the Video Projector. The use of personal laptop (MAC/PC) is allowed directly in the meeting hall, remind the adaptor for VGA cable; the speaker must check it with the technician well in advance. Each Speaker shall collect their technical material at the end of the session or at the latest at the end of the day. The Organizing Secretariat accepts no responsibility for any lost audiovisual material that was not collected or left unattended.
Remember to adhere strictly to the time allotted for each presentation.

Attendance certificate
At the end of the Meeting an attendance certificate will be given to all registered participants.

The Scientific and the Organizing Secretariats reserve the right to make any change to the program they deem necessary for scientific and/or technical reasons.